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European roulette types

European Fair roulette
Fair Roulette
Fair Roulette Pro
Fair Roulette Pro
Fair Roulette Privee
Fair Roulette Privee
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Net Entertainment European Roulette

Net entertainment (NetEnt) is the world’s leading supplier of digitally distributed gaming systems used by most reputable European and UK online casinos. Net entertainment came into existence as a result of designing land casino games to appear exactly the same when on the Internet.

Born on 1996, Net entertainment has been providing gaming solutions and picked numerous awards across the globe. Although there are different online casino gaming software's, we will be focusing our attention on the roulette variations provided by Net entertainment.

NetEnt European roulette is one of the popular roulette games available in online casino games. European and French Roulette are interchangeable but quite different with American roulette. Whereas American roulette has got 2 green slots one labeled with one zero (0) and the other with double zero (0 0), the European roulette has only one green slot with one zero (0).

How to Play NetEnt European Roulette

NetEnt roulette involves employing European roulette strategy to try to cheat roulette system. The main aim of playing in NetEnt European roulette is to successfully predict which of the 37 numbered pockets the ball will fall into. If a player succeeds in his prediction of the winning pocket, the player will win an amount depending on the payout of the winning bet.

A player places a bet including regular table bets and special betting patterns which go according to the bet type limits. Once the bet is ascertain, the player spins the roulette wheel and ball rolls in antagonistic direction of wheel rotation and bounces off the wheel diamonds which finally lands in a randomly selected pocket. If the ball lands in the pocket selected by the player, the player wins. Else the player loses and restarts the whole process.

NetEnt European Roulette Bets

This involves selecting a chip, placing a bet, spinning the wheel and exercise patience to see if you have ball fall in your predicted pocket.

Selecting a chip value - To do this, click a chip at the bottom right of the game panel.

Placing one or several bets - you can place your bets either by chip betting on the table, or using the special betting patterns which is in accordance with the table and bet type limits.

Table bets (inside and outside bets) - Here you can place a table bet by clicking on any bet area on the table. Every click on an area on the table and racetrack numbers adds one chip of the selected value to the table bet area.

Special bets (Special bet panel, Billboard and Racetrack) A special bet is placed by selecting the chip value and clicking a bet in the special bet limit.

Spinning the wheel - Click SPIN to start the wheel spin with the ball rolling.


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