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French roulette types

French Roulette
French Roulette
French Roulette Pro
French Roulette Pro
French Roulette Privee
French Roulette Privee
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Net Entertainment French Roulette

French roulette was the first roulette to be invented and is similar to European roulette but with slight differences in physical layout of the table. Here we are not laying emphasis on the differences rather we will focus on the three main classes of French roulette bet - call bets, inside bets, and outside bets.

Call bets is of two main types - the Neighbors of Zero which covers all 17 numbers in the area to the left and right of the zero on the wheel. And one-third of the cylinder which covers a different twelve numbers in a sweeping arc between 27 and 33.

Inside bet is when a player bets on a number or combination of numbers on the inside portion of the table felt. On the contrary, outside bet is placed outside the table layout, at the edge of the felt, and is placed on colors - red or black.

How to Play NetEnt French Roulette

Getting familiar with how NetEnt French roulette is played is crucial for novices wanting to play and win French roulette game. Increasing the odds of winning in NetEnt French roulette game stems from the experience the player has concerning the mechanics of roulette version. And every casino player should take note that there are different ways of playing each roulette types. Hence it is advisable that the players understand roulette rules before embarking on the gambling journey.

Players encounter terrible losses if they do not know the exact mechanics that governs every roulette variation. Roulette experts do say players should practice roulette so as much to avoid consecutive losses and know the French roulette strategies before playing. So we will look at the roulette bets, payouts, and so you will get me – right?

NetEnt French Roulette Game Notice Board

In the notice board, the player will find information including previous winning numbers, the current winning number, and the roulette statistics. The previous winning numbers gives you the last fourteen winning numbers of the table and if you want statistics for all roulette tables, you have to be in the betting mode. Also in the betting mode you will see the hot numbers, the numbers with the highest winnings and the numbers which have won the least.

NetEnt French Roulette Bets and Payouts

There are different bet alternatives to consider when playing NetEnt French Roulette game. A player may decide to place straight bet which is bet on one number, or bet on two adjoining numbers called split. Also bet can be placed on a row of three numbers on a horizontal or diagonal fashion depending on the choice of the player. You win if the ball falls on one of your chosen number. You can also bet on one of the boxes around the numbers on the table called outside betting. In outside betting you can bet on twelve numbers on three consecutive rows, you can also bet first eighteen or the last eighteen numbers.

NetEnt French Roulette bet can also be special or unique which is obtainable when the bet is in bet mode. Here you can be in hot or cold numbers and your payout depends on the bet you placed.

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