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NetEnt Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is a miniature version of the traditional roulette game. Mini roulette is also a game of chance that is very similar to American or European Roulette. The differences exist in the size of the wheel, your odds for winning, the amount of payouts, and slots number on the wheel.

Mini roulette wheel has 13 numbered slots labeled from 0 to 12. When the ball settles on zero, 50% of bets placed on other numbers are refunded to the player while bets on 0 and combination bets pay out normally.

Mini roulette has a higher table limit compared to the traditional roulette table. By higher table limit we mean you can push the boundaries while on a winning streak depending on the amount you hope to win on each game or recover from losing streak provided you are allowed within that table limit. Hence it should increase your possible payout.

*Kindly to note that the overall theoretical return for this game is 96.15%.

How to play NetEnt Mini Roulette

  • Select a chip value and place your bet(s) by clicking any bet area on the table.
  • Every click in a bet area adds one chip of the selected value to the bet.
  • To remove your bets, click CLEAR.
  • Click spin for the wheel to spin
  • If the ball lands on one your chosen pocket, the winning number and your game round result are presented.
  • Click REBET for the process to repeat using the same bet as in the previous game round.
  • Bet Description and Payout

    Bet Category Description Payout
    Inside bets. Bets made on numbers or on the lines between numbers on the internal area of the table.
    Straight Bets on any number from 0 to 12. 11:1
    Split Bets on two adjoining numbers either horizontal or vertical. 5:1
    Three line (Street) Bets on a single horizontal line. 3:1
    Corner (Square) Bets on four numbers in a square layout, for example 4-5-7-8. 2:1
    Outside bets. Bets made in the boxes surrounding the numbers on the table.
    Column Bets on all 4 numbers on any of the columns (left, middle, or right). 2:1
    Half dozen Bets on a group of six numbers; 1-6, 4-9, or 7-12. 1:1
    Red or Black Bets on all red or all black numbers. Zero is not considered a red or black number. 1:1
    Odd or Even Bets on all even or all odd numbers. 1:1

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